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Asking For A Raise

Making your case to the higher ups.


If you’ve decided you need to make more money, your options are moderately slim.  You can go find another job (not easy) or you can suck it up and ask your boss for a raise.  Getting a pay increase doesn’t have to be massively difficult.  Taking some time to plan ahead will make the process go much, much smoother.


What Are You Worth? – This may seem like an odd question, but it’s one you need an answer to if you expect to get a promotion or a raise.  Make sure you do some research first about your company’s pay cycles and what normal pay increases are for your job.


Make An Appointment – Asking for a raise isn’t the sort of thing you should just leave up to chance or just casually walk into the boss’s office to discuss.  Set an appointment to talk to your boss during a time that is less stressed in their schedule.  It will help them take the conversation more seriously. 


Be Prepared – Think about it like a job interview and imagine all possible questions and answers. You can even write them out and practice them before your meeting.  Also you can prove what you’re worth by making a list of your work accomplishments and successes.  Reminding your supervisor how you have benefited the company is the best way to convince them you’re worth keeping around at a higher pay rate.


Be Positive – You’re attitude is important!  If you look miserable, no one’s going to give you anything, so be confident.  Dress for success, come prepared, and knock the conversation out of the park.  Starting with a simple thank you to your boss for taking the time for the meeting and for their support during your job is never a bad place to start.  No complaining, no backstabbing the company.  Just point out your positive attributes, and keep the conversation moving forwad.


With these simple things in mind, you can gather the tips and tricks to move ahead in the office, whether you want a raise or a promotion.  Now, all you have to do is gather the confidence and roll it out from there.  Once the conversation is done, that might have just been the start, so don’t forget to follow up and touch base periodically in a professional manner.  You can do it.  Just one step at a time… You are worth it.

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By davidporter

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